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It’s Time To Update

It’s time to update!

As photographer’s we are constantly telling people they should update their family photos – it is great to capture your family and kids at different stages of their lives.

Kids looks and personalities change so rapidly and recording those changes is what we love about our business.

However, like the builder whose house if falling down, or the plumber whose taps leak, we can be a bit guilty of not updating photos of our kids. Luckily our kids have doting grandparents that pull us into line and make sure we update the family photo wall.

So let us be a little self indulgent and show off our kids, you hear about them enough when you come to the studio. The boys belong to Bee and the girls belong to Kelly. They spend plenty of time together and fight like brothers and sisters occassionally, but most of the time they get on really well.

Most people we photograph, say they haven’t had a photo since their youngest was a baby. So what are the stages we would recommend you update your photo wall.

Newborn stage – that really cute, snuggly baby shot is hard to pass up and is one of our favourites – the best time to do these is in the first two weeks.

Age 1 – who doesn’t love a good cake smash! At age one you are usually guaranteed of a sitting baby, although usually we need be fast because they are on the move. A busy session but lots of fun.

Toddler years – very cute – enough said!

Age 8 – 12 – This seems to be the one most of us miss out on. It is a busy time of life, lots of after school activities and time just flies. However, it is a great age to have photos taken, just before they get super pimply and get their braces – although it is still nice to document that time, it is almost impossible to get them in front of the camera.

Late teens – I love this age group and I think it is one of the best times to get a family portrait done. Just before the kids fly the coup, before serious partners and engagements etc. It will probably be one of the last family photos before the wedding photos!

We also think it is super important to have as many generations in the photos as possible. It is lovely to look back and remember all of the people that have touched your life.

Of course, we would love all our families to update your family photos so we get to see them again.

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