About Kelly Luker

About Kelly Luker

A Mum, a photographer, a chocolate connoisseur

Do you love to have fun?

Great, so do I. When people are relaxed and having fun, that’s when we see the real them and that’s what I love to capture.

Whether it be new parents enjoying their precious baby, kids laughing at being tickled by Dad or the love between a beautiful bride and groom telling your story with pictures is my passion. Any moment, any milestone.

Important things you should know

I will get your kids to do things in front of the camera they just won’t do for you. I stay relaxed – so you can too. I have been pooped and weed on too many times to mention (not at weddings, thank goodness) My camera doesn’t capture pimples, double chins or floppy arms – it’s amazing! (I will light you properly and show you how to stand)

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